1. Crudeoil Training Program

This program is tailor-made for Intraday & Positional Traders

Topic’s covered

  • How to use Saga Commodity Levels
  • Stop-loss Trade
  • 50-100 Points Profit Trade in Crude
  • Magic Numbers in Crude
  • Trend change Timings in Crude
  • Inventory Trade for the week
  • ORBO Techniques
  • How to Take short-term Positional Trades in Commodity
  • How to identify the Trend
  • Trade with specific Dates in Gold,Silver,Crude,Copper
  • Includes 1 months Subscription


2. Nifty Futures & Options Training Program

This program is tailor-made for Intraday Traders & Positional Traders

Topic’s covered

  • Nifty Intraday in Option
  • Safe Strategy in Nifty Option
  • Make Regular Income in Nifty Options
  • How to Identify the Nifty Trend
  • How to choose short term POSITIONAL Trades
  • Expiry week Trading Strategy
  • Hedging Strategy in Nifty Futures & Options
  • Magic Numbers in Nifty
  • Trade with Specific Dates in Nifty
  • Includes 3 Months(12 weeks) Subscription



3. Master’s Orientation Program

This program is tailor-made for individual who want to reach the pinnacle of trading

Topic covered

  • SRHG Technique
  • Contra Trading in Stocks
  • 50% to 100% Profit in Stock options
  • Option Hedging Strategies
  • Make Regular Income in Options
  • Make Regular Income in Equity
  • How to identify Good Companies
  • Multibaggers Stocks
  • Wealth Creation
  • Portfolio Management(Includes Equity,Commodity & Options)
  • 3 Months Subscription