24 Replies to “Nifty Bias”

  1. Hi
    I want to subscribe to this package can i get TIPS on
    1. F & O
    2. Commodity
    3.Investing calls
    in this package.

  2. Do you recommend to buy or sell in this package. I am ready to subscribe if you give me clear picture. Thank you.

  3. Dear Mr. Santhosh Kumar,

    It’s pleasure talking to you. As I said to you over phone, my position in Idea Cellular quantity of 10000 got stuck at Rs. 73/-. And also, Sun Pharma 500 quantity got stuck at 578 price. Please let me know when this position will get unlucked given the current market conditions.

    I look forward to hear from you sir.

  4. Hi Sir,
    I want to know about this package.plz zhare ur contact number, so that I can contact you

  5. I want to do only Nifty options. Is there a seperate package available for Nifty options? What is the charge of your SMS service for Nifty options?

  6. sir vanakkam,i have been watching your makkal tv program from 2015 onwards sir.many videos from other youtube channels show like lottery luck or invested 1lak and profitted 3.3cr,duration of 4days in jan2020 on jd.and so on like this.is it possible sir.if so in 2021 any stocks have possibilities sir.i am actually promoting your videos to my friends and investors sir from 2017.still now i have not yet started trading as i do not have any investment sir.even in the begining your offers were affordable,but i could not utlize it of my personal loan debts.to learn fundamental and technical now what is the fees sir.your service is so excellent to the beginnners and experts sir.to my opinion you are award winner sir saving so many peoples from money loss sir.with the help of universal laws of attraction and horoscope path finder and your good wishes like trading guru,every profits are possible.my salute to you sir

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